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  • Are pets allowed in The Shaker Club?
    The Shaker Club allows household pets such as cats and dogs (max. 2). No exotic, unusual, or farm animals such as rabbits, livestock, fowl, insects, rats, mice or reptiles, nor any animals kept or bred for commercial purposes, may be kept in any unit or the common areas. No dangerous or vicious animals, as designated by the Animal Warden of the City of Shaker Heights, are allowed. The complete pet policy from the Handbook of Information and Rules can be downloaded here.
  • Can I have a Christmas tree?
    Only artificial Christmas trees are permitted. Live trees, due to the fire hazard and damage caused by sap and needles, are prohibited. Christmas Lights are permitted in your windows.
  • Are Washers & Dryers Allowed?
    No, there are two (2) laundry rooms on each floor and a set of large, commercial machines in the garage available to use. Individual condos are not configured to run these large appliances, and doing so would strain our resources and increase our water and electric bills. Note that water, gas and electric utilities are included in the maintenance fee.
  • Can I have a party with a grill on the terrace?
    You can reserve the terrace for a party so long as you follow the rules outlined in the Handbook of Information and Rules regarding hours, noise, etc.. No grills are allowed on the terrace.
  • Can I have a satellite dish? Or cable TV?
    Cable television is available to The Shaker Club Condominium unit owners/residents from Time Warner Cable and WideOpenWest (WOW) Cable. AT&T also offers it U-verse television service over the phone line. Please contact the respective companies for details on their service offerings. Installation of television or radio antennas or satellite dishes on unit or common element, window sills or other wall openings is prohibited.
  • Can I install a central air conditioning system?
    No, although many suites are equipped with one or two wall units.
  • Can I park anywhere I want in the garage?
    Parking spaces in the garage are deeded parcels and are owned by specific condo owners. Therefore, you may only park in the space(s) you own. Sometimes owners will rent their unused spaces to other owners if, for example, they are out of town for the Winter. That is between the owners to determine the arrangements, and they must notify the building manager of the arrangement. Only residents/owners may use the garage. Spaces can not be rented to non-residents. Ample street parking is also available on Van Aken Blvd.
  • Can my spouse and I both serve on the board?
    Owners and their legally assigned agents can serve on the Board of Managers. There can only be one legal owner per unit, even if it is owned jointly. So unless you and your spouse own two units, then no, only one of you may serve on the board.
  • Do I get any storage space with my unit?
    Storage lockers for residents are located in specifically designated rooms on the ground floor. Each of these storage locker rooms is equipped with sprinklers. The residents of each unit are entitled to the use of one storage locker for no additional cost. There are a few additional storage areas available throughout the building. When empty, these may be rented by residents for an additional fee. The storage lockers are part of the common elements of the condominium and are not the property of the owners to whom they are assigned.
  • How old is The Shaker Club?
    The Shaker Club was constructed in 1948 and bears a plaque in the lobby that reads "...finest apartment building erected in 1948." The Shaker Club was converted to condominiums around 1979. Read more on the History page.
  • Is smoking permitted in The Shaker Club?
    Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed common areas inside the building. Smoking is permitted on the designated patio and other outside locations providing that tobacco smoke does not enter the building through the doors, windows, ventilation system or other means. Whether or not you allow smoking in your private residence, is your choice.
  • Is there a handbook that has all these rules in it?
    Yes! You can now download the complete Handbook of Rules and Information and the Declaration and Bylaws in PDF format.
  • Is there a party room?
    Yes, the Shaker Club has a comfortable party room, called the Carousel Room, on the lower level. It is used for Board and committee meetings, association sponsored social activities, and for private parties and meetings. It can comfortably seat up to 60 persons for dining or 75 for meetings, and has a full, working kitchen (which, in the past, served as a public restaurant). The room is available to owners/residents for a nominal fee ($50 Friday-Sunday/$25 Monday-Thursday) and a refundable security deposit ($100). Please ask for the complete list of rules regarding usage of the Carousel Room for more details.
  • What are the hours of the building office? The staff?
    The Shaker Club is managed by Carlyle Management Company. On-site there are two full-time staff: a Building Manager and a Maintenance Manager. The office hours are generally 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays (with some exceptions). Emergency attention is available 24/7. The building has a garage attendant on duty 24/7 to assist with package delivery and car parking, and to provide two free car washes per month. Two full-time cleaning staff work diligently to keep our home spotless and remove trash daily from the designated rooms on each floor.
  • What is included in the maintenance fee?
    The monthly maintenance fee is comprised of three parts; 1) Operating Expense, 2) Utilities, and 3) Capital Reserve Fund (CRF). The Operating Expense portion is the amount that goes toward your percentage of the general, ongoing upkeep of the building. This includes everything from landscaping and snow plowing, to garage and cleaning staff, to lightbulbs and paint. The Utilities portion covers the allocation of the overall water, sewer, gas, and electrical consumption. Owners do not pay for any utilities except for their phone, cable and Internet if they choose to have them. The Capital Reserve Fund (CRF) was established to enable us to fund long term for major repairs and improvements to The Shaker Club. By carefully planning major expenses and funding them out of the CRF fund, The Shaker Club is able to avoid the need for special assessments. In fact, the only special assessment we have had in the past 10 years was a six-month utility surcharge when gas prices spiked during the Iraq war. Owners pay the same fixed amount each month, as determined at the beginning of each calendar year based on the condominium's budget for that year. A note about the percentage: the maintenance fee is determined by taking the square footage of each unit as a percent of the total square footage of all the units, as determined in the Decs & Bylaws. The same percentage is also used to determine voting rights during the annual meeting for the election of Board members, or when voting on amendments to the Decs & Bylaws. The fee for a particular unit, in 2011, can be approximated by using a rate of approximately $0.65-$0.70 per square foot.
  • When can I move in?
    Move-ins are permitted Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and must be scheduled with the building manager so that the freight elevator can be reserved. All moving and movers must use the garage entrance with the ramp by the freight elevator. No moving of any kind is permitted through the front or side entrances.
  • Where can I read the Declaration & Bylaws?
    The complete Declaration and Bylaws is available PDF format for your review. These Decs & Bylaws were restated as of 2-7-13.
  • Who is on your management team?
    Our building Manager is Larry Butler, who has been with us for four years. Carlyle Management has been our management company since 1998. The Shaker Club Condominium Association has a Board of Managers made up of seven (7) owners. They are a very active, hands-on board that meets twice a month, most months, once as a work session and once as a monthly board meeting open to all owners. Meetings take place in our on-site party room. OTT & Associates is our law firm.
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